LG Premier Pro Plus (L455DL) User Manual

LG Premier Pro Plus (L455DL) user manual covers all important things about the device features. Comprehensive but still easy to read. Download link available.

LG Premier Pro Plus User Manual

There are plenty of reasons why you should read a user manual. The most obvious reason is that this manual is informative. When you buy a new phone, sometimes you don’t know where to start. That’s why a manual will be greatly helpful.

This LG Premier Pro Plus user manual is no exception. Inside, it contains everything you’d like to know about the device.

More importantly, this manual is very simple. It’s nicely designed in a way that it won’t confuse readers.

Find out various informative topics that are written here. Below is the summary of this manual.

LG Premier Pro Plus User Manual

Custom-designed Features

The manual begins with this section. Here, LG highlights interesting features you can find in this model.

First, it’s the features on the camera. There are some quirky settings that make photo taking a lot more fun.

For example, the portrait mode. This section also introduces image-enhancing features on the Gallery app.

Another special feature is Google Assistant. It’s the new way to use your phone handsfree.

By reading this manual, you will learn how to set up Google Assistant. You will also read about available voice commands.

Next, the manual explains the fingerprint feature. Don’t forget to read so you can enhance the security of your phone.

Lastly, there’s the multitasking features. If you want to get the most of LG Premier Pro Plus’s ample display, make sure to read this part.

However, if it’s LG Premier Pro you just bought (not the Plus one), here is its user manual.

Basic Functions

Just like the title, this section explains all things basic. For example, the phone’s components and accessories.

It’s what you get in the box when purchasing the device. If you don’t know what each part is for, read this section carefully.

This section also includes the tutorial for first-time use. It starts with turning the phone on.

But before, make sure you have installed the SIM card first. If you don’t know-how, this section also provides the guide for it.

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Touch screen and Home screen

After you turn on the phone, it’s important to know how to control it. It means learning useful touchscreen gestures.

In the manual, head for this particular section. The guide comes with pictures so it can be understood easily.

Afterward, it’s always worth it to also check out the Home screen overview. Readers will find guides for screen orientation and Home touch buttons.

This section is also where you can learn about setting up a theme. Other features include folders and screen lock.

Useful Apps

Every pre-installed app is listed here. On every one of them, you’ll read about their function and how to use it.

But apps on LG Premier Pro Plus go beyond just the pre-installed one. For this, learn about installing and uninstalling an app.

You can read about how to download an app. Furthermore, the section discusses additional features such as App trash.

Google apps and LG apps

This section is dedicated to Google apps. Since this is an Android phone, you will find Google apps on LG Premier Pro Plus.

It contains a little bit of description about every Google app available on the phone. It’s not a long explanation but very informative regardless.

LG also adds their custom app to the phone. The manual also does not forget to include them.

Among you can read here is QuickMemo+. It’s a notepad app. Another example is Smart Cleaning for deleting temporary apps.


In this part of the LG Premier Pro Plus user manual, you begin to learn more technical settings. But don’t worry, the manual is still easy to read.

First, it explains how to access the Settings menu. This is the most important part before everything else.

The chapter then discusses Network & internet features. Here you can read about connecting to Wi-Fi.

You will read about call settings. But for carrier-related issue such as blocking a call, this article about blocking calls on your TracFone phone is much more informative.

The Settings section also covers mobile data settings and mobile hotspot. Other types of networks are also discussed.

Among the few are Bluetooth and USB tethering. Further, the section explains about less-known settings such as VPN, Wi-Fi direct, and DNS.  

Lock screen & security

Earlier, the manual already mentioned some Lock screen features. For example, the fingerprint feature.

But in this part of the manual, Lock screen features are explained more thoroughly.

You’ll also read plenty of other advanced security settings. Find My Device, Content lock, and Google Play Protect, to name a few.

Therefore, this is a must-read topic in this manual. Especially if you think privacy is very important.

Download User Manual

That’s the general summary of this user manual. Other than that, the manual still has some surprises left.

Back to LG Premier Pro Plus (L455DL) user manual, at the end of it, you can find some additional information. For example, the safety information.

You can also find the Appendix page here. It contains topics such as software update and Anti-theft guide.

So, make sure to read this manual. Hopefully it can help you enjoy your phone better.

Download: LG Premier Pro Plus User Manual (PDF)

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