BLU View Mega (B110DL) User Manual

Find out what BLU View Mega (B110DL) user manual offers. Summary of contents inside and why you should read this manual. A download link is available.

Blu View Mega Manual Tracfone

When you want to learn about a phone’s feature, there’s no better source than its official user manual. Just like this BLU View Mega user manual. It’s an informative document for phone owners to learn about features and settings.

This phone manual is almost a must-have. You can read it after you just bought the phone. Just so you know how to start with the new device and getting ready. 

Feel free to come back anytime you’d like to consult about something. A user manual can help when you encounter an issue with the phone. Always keep a copy at hand.

BLU View Mega (B110DL) user manual is far from complicated. There are a handful of topics covered in this manual, separated by sections. Here is the summary of the sections you’ll read inside.

BLU View Mega User Manual

About Your Phone

This short section explains all the things necessary before booting up the phone. There’s a layout picture showing where the Power button is located. Once users installed the SIM Card, there’s a detailed explanation about how to finally turn the phone on. Additionally, this section also shows how to turn off the phone. 

Lock Screen Bar

Lock Screen Bar is an interesting feature Blue View Mega has. Here you can access favorite apps and functions without unlocking the phone. You will see a bar on the left side of the screen when you swipe. It’s a rather unique feature on a smartphone. So it’s normal if you aren’t familiar with it.

This section will explain everything about Lock Screen Bar. For example, how to enable and access it. This feature is customizable. Therefore, here you will also learn about rearranging your favorite shortcuts.

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Navigation Bar and Notification Bar

This section explains some basics about navigating the phone. First, you will read about the system buttons and their functions. Know what will happen when you press the triangle button, for example. Each is explained with detailed description.

Afterward, the manual will walk you through the icons on the notification bar. You will also read about the menus on the Quick Access bar. Not stopping at that, there’s also a part about notifications. Know how to open or clear notifications from any screen through this section.


After calling, the manual discusses all texting in this chapter. This is a very thorough topic. Even if you’re not familiar with the Messages app, you will be glad to see some basic information. For example, There’s a layout illustrating the interface of the Messages app. Included in the layout are the explanations for every field and button.

Call Functions

What’s discussed in this section is the Phone app menus. There are plenty of guides about callings. Starting from how to open the dial pad to going through the menus on Call Options. The section also shows readers how to access the call logs and manage it. 

For unwanted calls, we also have a specific guide for that in this article about how to block calls on your TracFone phone.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Here, learn about connecting the phone to the internet through Wi-Fi. Know what you need to do so you can access your email and social media. This section also covers Bluetooth. If you need to pair a Bluetooth device with your phone, mark this section as a must-read.

Camera & Gallery

In this section, discover what you can do with the camera of Blu View Mega. Have fun exploring the features the camera offers. After taking some snaps, also learn how to manage your files with the Gallery app.


Here, readers will find out about every option on the Settings app. This part of the manual is quite simple. It is not long and quick to read. Some of the menus you will read are Display, Sound, or Storage settings. 


This is your go-to page when you stumble into an issue with Blu View Mega. The manual covers everyday problems such as a phone that won’t boot up, battery charging problems, and calls problems. Each comes with a solution that you can try by yourself.

Download User Manual

To get your hand on BLU View Mega (B110DL) user manual, you can download the pdf file through the link we provide. Reading a user manual may seem a boring task, but in the long run, it will benefit you as a user. You will know how to operate the phone properly.

Lastly, We also recommend TracFone Wireless: The Definitive Guide. Make sure to check it. Therefore, you will know everything about your Tracfone mobile plan too.

Download: BLU View Mega User Manual (PDF)

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