TCL 30 Z (T602DL) User Manual

A user manual can help users to save the time needed to explore the new smartphone. Let’s check out the TCL 30 Z user manual for complete assistance.

TCL 30 Z User Manual

Unboxing a brand new phone is always exciting. However, it is very important to explore the device first to experience its specifications and features.

The user manual can be useful assistance for new users. It will help you to discover some features that may be suitable for you and answer all the problems that you may face in the future.

Take a look at the summary of the TCL 30 Z (T602DL) user manual below. Find out how the user manual can be very important for you. After that, you can download the guidebook at the end of this.

Your Mobile

Before enjoying your new phone, it is recommended to have a basic understanding of it. This chapter will introduce you to the device’s parts and components. It comes with diagrams and descriptions.

Starting it will also be easier since it contains the information about how to set up the phone and the battery information. You will take a quick tour to explore the home screen.

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Phone Call

The fundamentals of a phone are to communicate with other people. With this user manual, you can keep in touch with everyone. Learn how to make a phone call and adjust the call settings that will be useful for you.

You can also get insights to manage your phone’s contact such as adding, editing, deleting, importing/exporting, and sharing the contacts.


The user of the TCL 30 Z can send messages either text messages (SMS) or multimedia messages (MMS). This chapter will tell you how to use the feature.

It contains step-by-step guidelines for each messaging feature. It included how to write a message, manage the messages, and make some adjustment settings.


The TCL 30 Z is equipped with a camera for taking beautiful pictures and recording videos. The camera of it may not be that sharp like any other mid-range smartphone. However, you can improve the quality by utilizing the camera’s settings.

In this Camera chapter, you can learn how to take photos or take videos properly. You can also use Google Lens to search what you see by using the phone’s camera.

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Getting Connected

Other than using phone calls or messages, there are several ways you can use it to get connected on this phone. You can connect with the internet with a 4G network or by using Wi-Fi for wireless connections.

You can also transfer files or connect with external devices by using a Bluetooth connection. Or, using a USB cable to connect your phone to a computer.

Google Applications

The TCL 30 Z is using an Android OS. It means this phone has a Google environment on it. Some Google apps are pre-installed on the phone to make your work and communication easier and smoother.

The user manual contains information about the Google apps and what they can do. There are Chrome, Maps, Youtube, Drive, Google TV, Duo, and Photos.


Do you want to make some changes or adjustments to your device? You may need to read this last chapter. You can set up the connections, NXTVision, Sounds, and Buttons.

This chapter will also tell you how to make your phone healthier and more secure with Smart Manager, Security settings, and Digital Wellbeing settings.

Download User Manual

So, that’s the end of the summary of the TCL 30 Z user manual. There is more important information and instructions about it that are not fully discovered.

You can read the whole document to know the fullest. Here is the link for you to download. Read it anytime you are free.

Download: TCL 30 Z User Manual (PDF)

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