How to Hard Reset / Factory Reset TracFone ZTE Cymbal-G LTE

Find out complete information about hard reset on TracFone ZTE Cymbal-G LTE, what it was, how to do it, when to do it and what are the necessary precaution that you need to take before.

Hard reset on a smartphone will bring the setting of the phone back to its original state. Remember when you first bought the phone and explore the features and setting of the phone; that is what you will get after you hard reset the phone.

TracFone ZTE Cymbal-G LTE Z232TL / Z233VL

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When you perform a hard reset on a phone such as TracFone ZTE Cymbal-G LTE, you practically erase everything that was not there when you bought the phone. Downloaded files, saved document, 3rd party application and personal setting you put in the phone will be wiped out.

Is it really necessary to perform a hard reset? The answer is “yes”, in a specific situation. You can perform a hard reset when you want to wipe out everything on the phone before you sell it, or when the phone has some serious performance issue. After a hard reset, the phone will be ready to fill out once more with files, apps, and document that you deemed necessary.

But please remember that hard reset will erase everything. If you want to keep those precious files and document on the phone, back it all up. Use your email account, cloud service, external storage device or whatever means you have in your hand to back up everything. After a hard reset, you can restore the data back to the phone or to other devices.

Now, how do you hard reset this phone? It is so easy. You need to launch the Settings application. You must be already familiar with this application. This is where you set everything on the phone including wireless connection, profile and everything else.

Go and launch “Settings > Reset > Factory Data Reset”. That is everything that you can do to bring the phone back to its original state. Now you are free to do things with this phone, either you sell it or use it back.

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