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The Samsung Galaxy A50 user manual provides thorough information about the device from physical appearances, advanced features, getting started with the device, and many more.

samsung galaxy a50 manual tracfone

If you are a new user, you will need a Samsung Galaxy A50 user manual to help you know your phone better.

By reading the user manual, you will find a lot of information regarding the feature of your new device and how to optimize the use of your phone so that it can works best for your benefit.

This manual consists of basic information about the device, new features, how to set up your phone, and many more. It is strongly suggested for new phone users to read the manual before they use the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A50 User Manual

These are the information provided in the Samsung Galaxy A50 manual:


In the opening section of the manual, you will be introduced to the latest features installed on your phone. Among the features are Meet Bixby, Camera, Security, Expandable Storage, and Night Mode.

Further information about those features can be found in certain pages which are written along with a brief explanation about them. This page tells you what to expect when you give a further reading into the manual.

Getting Started

This section provides the full appearance of your device, including the front view, back view, how to assemble the device, and how to start using the device.

On the front view page, you will find out where every individual part of your phone located such as front camera, power keys, and volume keys. The explanation comes along with pictures to give you a better understanding.

Another useful information you can find in this section is the tutorial to insert SIM Card / microSD card to its tray. While in the ‘Starting your device’ page, you will know how to turn on, turn off, and to restart your device.

You will also read about the Smart Switch feature, which enables you to transfer all the data from your old device. As you read this section more into the pages you can find how to optimize the use of your device’s screen.

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The Apps section in the manual will tell you everything about using the Samsung apps, Google Apps, Carrier Apps, and Additional Apps. Here you can find out more information about Bixby that you read earlier in the manual.

You will read about all the Samsung Apps that installed to your new device and how to use them. Included in this section is the complete information about the device’s camera, how to configure shooting mode, change shooting modes, and recording high-quality videos.

In the Apps section of the manual, you will read a thorough explanation of all the apps on your device. Included in it are multimedia apps, communication apps, and utility apps.


If you are looking for phone personalization, setting up passwords, and managing accounts on the device, you will find everything you need in this section.

Not only you will be able to manage the device’s connection, but also you will read about more useful features on your device. The advanced security setting can also be found in this section.

Another essential information you will find in this section is the device’s model number, serial number, and IMEI information. The setting section on the manual is generally giving you the tutorial about how to configure and personalize your device to your preference.

The later part of this section contains device maintenance information. You can learn how to optimize your phone by deleting unnecessary running apps and scanning for malware.

Phone troubleshooting information shows you how to do a software update, resetting phone to factory defaults, and many more.

How to secure your phone with passwords, pins, and fingerprints also can be found in this section.

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Learn More

The “Learn More” section in the manual tells you where to go if you want to find more information about certain features on your device.

Included in the list of this page is as follows: Videos, Samsung Smart Simulator, tips, Samsung Care, and Talk to an Agent through social media.

Download: Samsung Galaxy A50 User Manual (PDF)

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