How to Perform Hard Reset Tracfone LG Rebel LTE L44VL

Hard reset for better performance on TracFone LG Rebel LTE L44VL is so easy to do and you can do it on your own, simply follow the available guide, give it a try and enjoy the outstanding result it give your phone.

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Tired with sluggish phone and nothing you do seem working? Why doesn’t factory reset your TracFone LG Rebel LTE L44VL?

Factory reset indeed will erase all of your valuable data, file, picture and all third party app that you use all this time.

But you can always restore your data back, only if you already back it up in the first place and download those apps once more.

It is easy to do. Just back up your data first, all of them including file, phone contact, picture, video, movie and even the file from your app. When you got it saved on other device, you can proceed with this action.

Soft Reset LG Rebel LTE L44V

You can perform factory reset on your TracFone LG Rebel LTE straight from Settings menu (soft reset) or from recovery mode (hard reset).

If you want to go straight, and your phone allows you to do so, do this: Go to Settings > Back up and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Enter the sequence code if you had set it > Erase Everything > OK.

Hard Reset LG Rebel LTE L44V

If your phone didn’t allow you to go to Settings because it freezes or unresponsive, follow this hard reset step:

  1. Turn off the phone
  2. Press and hold “Power and Volume Down” button for a couple of seconds until LG logo appear on the screen
  3. Release both buttons for 1 seconds only, and then press them back until the phone reboot to “Recovery Mode” and only then release the buttons
  4. Use “Volume button” to move up and down on Recovery Mode menu and highlighted the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option
  5. Press “Power button” to make the selection
  6. You need to confirm the action as much as it needed and wait until the process is complete

After that, find “Reboot System Now” option, highlighted it and press “Power button” to select it so it will reboot back to normal mode.

Now you are done and see for yourself that the phone has no more issue that plague it before.

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