How to Perform Hard Reset Tracfone Alcatel A206G Flip Phone

Two methods of performing factory reset on TracFone Alcatel A206G flip phone, soft factory reset and hard factory reset, where you can find complete guide on how to perform both of it to solve any problem with this phone.

Hard Reset Tracfone Alcatel A206G Flip Phone – An electronic device such as phone is prone to problem such as glitch, error and all sorts of things that could happen anytime of the day. A more complicated phone such as modern smartphone are in greater risk than a basic phone such as TracFone Alcatel A206G flip phone. But that doesn’t mean this simple phone is free of problem.

Hard Reset Tracfone Alcatel A206G Flip Phone

When the problem is too big to handle and nothing else work, performing factory reset to bring the phone state back to its original settings is the last option to do. But since this phone didn’t have all those app and fancy feature, the process will be faster and so much easier.

If you decide to perform factory reset to this phone, there are two methods to choose, soft reset and hard reset. Both methods bring up the same result with different way to achieve it. No matter which method you choose, always make sure to back up the entire data in the phone first. It doesn’t matter what kind of backup data method you prefer, just make sure to do it.

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Soft Reset Alcatel A206G

Now, for the first method of performing factory reset, the soft reset method. Follow the step by step below:

  1. Enter “Menu > Settings > Restore Default Settings”.
  2. Enter the default code, in this case it was “000000”.
  3. Confirm the action.
  4. Wait until it complete the process and the phone will switch on automatically.

Hard Reset Alcatel A206G

The second method is using hard reset method. Follow the guide below:

  1. Make sure to turn off the phone first.
  2. Press “Power button” and “*” button for a couple of second.
  3. A warning will show up asking if you want to proceed to continue with the action. Confirm this action.
  4. Another message will show up and ask you to wait.

Wait until the process is complete. The whole process will not take long and you can use your phone back without have to worry for the previous issue to arise again.

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