How to Hard Reset TracFone LG 305C Phone

Performing hard reset to bring TracFone LG 305 back into its factory settings as part of troubleshooting action is easy, as long as you know how to do it and this is where you will find that kind of information.

Hard Reset TracFone LG 305C Phone – Even a simple phone such as TracFone LG 305C requires hard reset when it was needed. For example, if you want to sell this phone, you want to make sure that none of your personal file is still stored in there. You can, of course, delete those file one by one, but it will take time and it is always possible that you miss something.

How to Hard Reset TracFone LG 305C Phone

The easiest way to delete all those files is by performing hard reset. It will bring the phone setting back to when it was fresh out of the box. That is not all, since this action resetting the whole thing; it means that any issue with the phone that comes from additional files that you put in LG 305C there will be gone as well. That is double advantages to enjoy.

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Hard Reset Tracfone LG 305C

In case you are wondering how to perform hard reset on TracFone LG 305C, don’t worry, because you will find the guide on exactly how to do that below:

  1. Create back up for the whole data on the phone, so you won’t lose them.
  2. Check the phone and bring it to life, and then goes to standby screen.
  3. Press the soft key on the left side of the phone and then choose “Menu”.
  4. Choose “Settings”, find “Phone Settings” and opt for it.
  5. You will find several options including “Reset Settings”. Go for it.
  6. Choose between “Master Reset” and “Master Clear” and let the process begin.

The difference between two options is that Master Reset will bring the phone setting back to how it was, while Master Clear will erase additional file that stored in the phone other than the original one. Make your pick and let it do its job. Once it was done, you can check for the change that has taken place and enjoy it.

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