LG Rebel 4 LTE vs Samsung Galaxy J2: Specs Comparison

The specs comparison between LG Rebel 4 LTE and Samsung Galaxy J2 with deeper look into everything. Read about display, performance, and their price.

LG Rebel 4 LTE vs Samsung Galaxy J2

LG Rebel 4 LTE or Samsung Galaxy J2 is a solid option if you’re looking for a reliable phone at an affordable price. But between the two phones, you still need to pick only one.

Both phones feature a 5-inch display along with a similar looking design. They are also released in the same year in 2018. As a customer, it’s not easy to see which one is better by just looking at their exterior.

This specs comparison between LG Rebel 4 LTE and Samsung Galaxy J2 is meant to clear buyers’ confusion.

We take a look closely at their performance, display, and camera quality. This is to see which one is a good fit for you. Continue reading for the detail.


Both LG Rebel 4 and Samsung Galaxy J2 feature a design that’s typical for an entry-level phone. The bar-shaped phones are enclosed with plastic casing.

Galaxy J2 offers a black color option only, so does LG Rebel 4. There’s a slight difference in color, where LG Rebel 4 has a more matte and gray-ish back cover.

Since both phones weren’t meant to be premium, you won’t find extra protective measures such as waterproof casing. As you may have seen, the bezels around the display are quite thick.

LG Rebel 4 keeps it simple on the back cover. The Power button is placed in the back with the design resembling a fingerprint reader. The back cover has textures for anti-slip purposes. Since the Power button is located on the back, you’ll only find the Volume keys on the left side.

The design of the back cover is even more less-cluttered in Samsung Galaxy J2. You will only find the camera and logos on the back.

To conclude, it’s hard to decide which phone is better by looking at their design alone. Up until now, we haven’t seen any significant difference. Both phones are also small and light to carry. They’re slim, ergonomic, and are easy to use with one hand.

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At 5-inch, either LG Rebel 4 or Samsung Galaxy J2 provides adequate space for users to browse through contents. The size is not the best by today’s standard, but we guess it’s decent enough for starter phones.

Although having a similar display size, both phones differ in quality. LG Rebel 4 packs a 1280 x 720 pixels screen. It’s a lot better display quality than the one Galaxy J2 provides.

With a 960 x 540 pixels display, Galaxy J2 lags far behind LG Rebel 4. It means you will see everything is more pleasant-looking on the LG Rebel 4 display. Users will get an HD experience with visual outputs.

Images and icons look sharper. Their colors also look better. Although considered imperfect when compared to HD+ or Full HD screen, LG Rebel 4 screen still fares well for today’s display standard.

This comparison takes Samsung Galaxy J2 at a disadvantage. The phone looks and feels outdated when looking at its display quality. It’s easy to notice pixelated edges. Galaxy J2 also has an inferior brightness level and narrow viewing angle.

In this category, it only makes sense to lean on LG Rebel 4 as your preferred phone. But Galaxy J2 has one more thing to consider.

Its display features Dragontrail protection, which makes the phone more scratch-resistant. Although the quality is less than what LG Rebel 4 offers, at least Galaxy J2 provides the more durable display.


LG and Samsung typically equip their phones with a decent camera, even if they’re in the budget category. Coincidentally, both LG Rebel 4 and Galaxy J2 feature an 8MP camera on the rear. Alongside the camera, users will also find the LED flash.

On the front, once again the phones share similar specs. You’ll see a 5MP lens as a selfie shooter. It’s a bit tricky to compare the results. The overall picture quality is somewhat decent.

Under optimal conditions, snapping pictures results in an acceptable image. The more lacking the light is, the more you’ll experience a gradual decrease in image quality. This applies to both LG Rebel 4 and Galaxy J2.

Being identical in resolutions, we take a look into the camera features inside. As usual, both LG and Samsung equip their phones with features that can enhance your camera experience.

LG Rebel 4 has Auto Shot, a face recognition feature where you can take a selfie automatically when the camera detects your face. There are also smart autofocus, filters, as well as the basic panorama, HDR, and manual mode.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy J2 offers HDR, sports, and manual modes. The front camera has a beauty mode and gesture shot.

You will need to find out which one of these features you’re going to use often. It’s because the identical hardware specs won’t be enough for users to make a decision on which phone they can buy.

In our opinion, LG Rebel 4 provides more fun and creative camera features than Samsung Galaxy J2.

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Once again these two phones share identical specs. This time, it’s the internal storage capacity. Both LG Rebel 4 and Samsung Galaxy J2 feature a 16GB of internal storage, with around half of it is available for users. For some people, this might not be enough.

Since 16GB is basically a bare minimum capacity for today’s smartphone, the phones also provide SD card support.

You can add up to 512GB of SD card with Galaxy J2. But the number is a lot lower at 32GB with LG Rebel 4. In this storage category, Galaxy J2 is far better than LG Rebel 4.


Customers who prioritize performance should take a look at the phones’ CPU. In this case, we’re going to compare Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 versus Samsung Exynos 7570.

The Snapdragon 425 powers task processing on LG Rebel 4. While Galaxy J2 uses the manufacturer’s own chipset Exynos 7570.

These two processors target entry-level phones. They also have a similar frequency speed at 1.4GHz. It can be concluded both phones work at roughly the same level. Each also features 2GB of RAM, which is also an acceptable spec.

The similarity extends to the type of mobile software both phones use. Apparently, Android 8.1 is the choice for both of them. This isn’t surprising as well since both phones came out in the same year. Android 8.1 Oreo was the latest release that year.

However, buyers won’t exactly get the same experience when browsing the phone. LG Rebel 4 uses LG UX 7.0 as its Home Screen. Samsung also uses its own launcher. Each phone also comes with their own brand-specific features.

LG Rebel 4 has Capture+ and QuickMemo+ for note-taking purposes. Galaxy J2 has multi-window support and a simpler interface called Easy Mode.

It’s hard to objectively decide whose Android looks better. One thing for sure, both interfaces are easy to operate. There are shortcuts that makes everything simpler, such as swiping up to open the app drawer. Both phones also support multiple languages and are hearing aid compatible.

But additional modification to the Android could hinder performance sometimes. It’s not surprising when the phones get a bit laggy. LG Rebel 4 and Galaxy J2 are not high-end phones. They can be struggling at times when you need to run a demanding app.

Both phones also work relatively okay as a pocket entertainment center. Each provides multimedia player apps, FM Radio, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. You can also enjoy playing games using tilting control since the phones use the accelerometer.

For graphic output, LG Rebel 4 displays everything better since it has a high definition display. But for audio, Samsung Galaxy J2 offers a better experience with its Dolby Atmos equalizer.

Taking everything into accounts, there’s hardly any notable specs comparison between LG rebel 4 LTE and Samsung Galaxy J2 here. Both phones are basically equal despite using different processor brands. Their Android may look different, but each essentially comes from the same Oreo release.

To finally decide, a buyer would need to take a look into other categories first. Deciding based on performance alone won’t be enough.


Although these are affordable phones, customers won’t need to worry about outdated network technology. Both LG and Samsung ensure their users to get the fastest LTE support on their devices.

The older 2G and 3G bands are also still supported. As a result, here we got reliable devices for your daily communication needs.

One is not necessarily better than the other. Using the same network, we have no significant issue on both of them. Other than the LTE support, you will also find other common features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. LG Rebel 4 and Galaxy J2 have almost identical specs in this network category.


There is a slight difference in battery capacity. Here, Samsung Galaxy J2 provides a bit more by installing a 2600mAh cell. It’s more than enough for a phone with a non HD screen. You can easily stretch the phone usage to the end of the day and beyond.

On the other hand, LG Rebel 4 has a 2500mAh battery. If you use the screen a lot, you’ll need to recharge sooner than with Galaxy J2. It’s a slight difference but worth to notice for any potential buyer out there. As for the type of the battery, both phones feature a removable one.


As a final note, let’s take a look at the price of each phone. LG sells Rebel 4 at a retail price of $59.99. TracFone discounted it and you can buy at $39.99. On the other hand, the retail price of the Galaxy J2 is $79.99. Its price on a discount is $49.99.

Galaxy J2 is the more expensive one. However, we think that LG Rebel 4 provides overall better specs.

As shown in the specs comparison between LG Rebel 4 LTE and Samsung Galaxy J2 above, there’s a significant gap of quality in display resolution. For some buyers, this could be an important deciding factor.

LG Rebel 4 Pros:

  • HD display
  • Cheaper price than Galaxy J2

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pros:

  • Dragontrail display protection
  • Bigger external storage capacity
  • Slightly bigger battery

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