Moto G6 vs LG Solo LTE: Specs Comparison

Moto G6 and LG Solo LTE come with exactly similar prices at $119.99. But what about their features? Read our analysis here at specs comparison between Moto G6 vs LG Solo LTE.

LG G6 VS LG SOLO Comparison

The battle between budget phones is ever competitive. Brands race with each other releasing better phones each year that’s also affordable. With the limited price, they squeeze out specs and features unique to make them ahead of competitors.

In this case, we’re going to compare Moto G6 and LG Solo LTE. Both phones are priced at around $120 by TracFone.

The first difference between the two is the release year. LG Solo is newer since it came out in 2019 while Moto G6 is a last-year release.

Motorola and LG have long been popular among consumers as among the best manufacturer of budget phones. Let’s find out more about spec comparison between Moto G6 and LG Solo LTE.


Without looking at any of the specs, it’s difficult to pick between Moto G6 and LG Solo LTE based on appearance alone. Both phones have small screen-to-body ratio and edge-to-edge displays. Their designs round to the edges for better handling.

LG Solo has a clean looking display and back cover and so does Moto G6. But Moto G6’s front body design is a bit messier with too many tidbits, like Motorola’s logo and home button, cram the bottom bezel.

Meanwhile, LG Solo is messy on its edges, where LG seems to squeeze everything (speakers, ports, and keys), in a very tight space around the phone.

But one would feel a stark difference between the two when finally hold the phone. Moto G6 clearly wins on build quality with its aluminum body and glass coating.

LG Solo LTE L423DL Pictures

Both front and the back part of Moto G6 are protected with Gorilla Glass 6, which make the phone resistant to scratching and minor damage. As for the weight, Moto G6 weighs more at 5.89 oz while LG Solo weighs at 5.1 oz. So, Moto G will give its holder a solid flagship feel.

On the other hand, LG Solo is built on a plastic body. It still looks nice, thanks to Solo’s minimalistic design. However, no one can deny that plastic-based materials feel less premium than metal-based ones, not to mention that shiny finish on Moto G6.

Lastly, Moto G6 is IP-rated splash resistant. This phone can handle a little bit of water such as from light rain or an accidental spill, just don’t submerge it in a pool.

So, in terms of built quality, Moto G6 is the winner in this spec comparison betwen Moto G6 vs LG Solo.


Both Moto G6 and LG Solo have the same display size at 5.7 inches. But the two differ in quality. Moto G6 comes with a Full HD display with a resolution of 1080 x 2160. Therefore, pixel density is amazing at 424 ppi. Moto G6 display produces deep and bright colors. The display quality is almost flawless.

On the other hand, LG Solo’s display stays at HD+ (1440 x 720 pixels) resolution. This is a decent enough quality, however, when compared to G6’s display screen, Solo’s produces less punchy colors and less vivid images.

Cinematic experiences are also arguably better with Moto G6. The later can view YouTube videos at 1080p, for example, while LG tops at 720p videos.

The difference is also noticeable under bright light. Moto G6’s brightness seems to keep up better with natural light than Solo’s.

For average users, pixel density doesn’t mean much on everyday use. However, note that both phones are priced exactly the same. It is just senseless to pick the lower quality one when you pay the same $120. Unless LG has something unique to offers that worth compromising on display quality.


Assessing the camera from both models, Moto G6 is far ahead of the race here. Moto G6 packs a 12 MP camera, as opposed to Solo’s only 8-MP camera. The lens on Moto G6 is also wider at f/1.8 aperture, which translates to more light captured into the lens.

Not to mention, Moto G6 incorporates a second rear camera to its already superb lineup. The second camera comes in 5 MP resolution.

It’s hard not being one-sided here, but LG Solo simply can’t compare to Moto G6 for camera performance. It shows in the image taken by both phones.

Moto G6 has better results, colors come out with more contrasts, wider dynamic range works perfectly so the image looks balanced even without HDR mode turned on. And fewer details are lost when zooming in a picture. The dual camera also means you can take a picture with a blurred background.

Meanwhile, LG solo produces average pictures at best. Images appear blurry when zoomed, and the lens struggles to capture focus and details of an object. LG solo performs better in a good light.

As for the front-facing camera, Moto G6 is also slightly better with its 8MP camera, than LG Solo’s 5 MP. Features are better with LG Solo, with portraits and beauty mode, but overall, there’s no stark difference between the two.

Video camcorders from both phones are capable of 1080p videos. Both also don’t come with any image stabilization technology. In this matter, we consider LG Solo ties with Moto G6.


Moto G6 and LG Solo LTE use the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor with 1.8 GHz speed. The difference comes in the capacity of RAM. Moto G6 is better with 3 GB flagship-comparable memory for running apps and media.

On the other hand, LG Solo with its 2 GB of RAM is a pity considering this number will limit the processor from its maximum potential.

For simple everyday tasks, swiping through LG’s screen is still a joy. Splitting screen for two apps also an easy task for LG to handle. But using this phone still feels less snappy compared to using Moto G6, who is almost never underpowered. You could do a heavy task and open many apps at once and the phone still doesn’t show any sign of lag.

It also helps that Moto G6 keeps its Android 8.0 Oreo to the stock version. No extra launcher and bloatware that could hinder performance.

LG Solo comes with Android Oreo too, but LG also packs its own launcher LG UX 7.0, which can slow the phone in some cases. One can argue that Android Stock can be boring after a while. So if you’re into themes and wallpaper, LG provides more fun in this department. There are also many useful LG apps to help with daily tasks.

As for updates, Moto G lines are popular because Motorola will constantly keep the phones updated for the next Android version. With Moto G6, you can update the current Android 8.0 Oreo to Android 9.0 Pie. This is another advantage of Moto G6.

Both phones come with fingerprints readers. Again, Moto G6 excels because its fingerprint reader does more than just unlocking the phone. You can navigate your phone by wiping certain gestures on the reader. It takes a while to learn, though.

Both Solo and G6 comes with enhanced audio features. Solo has DTX Surround while Moto G6 opts for Dolby. When it comes to media, this phone both delivers nice experience. Both phones also hearing aid compatible too, just in case you’re wondering.


Either Moto G6 or LG Solo delivers pretty much the same level of quality in terms of connectivity. Both supporting 4G LTE, the connection speed is superb while callings show no issues. Browsing is fast but still struggles on advert-full webpages on LG Solo, while performance is a bit better with Moto G6.

Wi-Fi and hotspots are available in both, as well as Bluetooth, FM Radio, GPS, and headphone jack. Both phones also don’t have NFC for Google Pay.

The only difference lies in the USB port. Moto G6 uses USB Type-C which significantly better and faster than LG Solo’s micro-USB.


Still winning the race, Moto G6 is ahead of LG Solo with its 32 GB internal storage. Solo only comes with a 16 GB memory.

These days, having a 32 GB memory feels like it’s not enough, let alone 16 GB one. However, Solo wins when it comes to expandable storage.

LG allows an up to 2 TB SD card while Moto G6 comes with only 128 GB of allowed capacity. This little win doesn’t mean much as people rarely hit even 128 GB of storage, but it’s worth mentioning.


Battery from both phones shares a lot of similarities. They’re practically twins with 3000 mAh cells and come in lithium polymer, non-removable ones.

However, with LG Solo having a less demanding display to power and also less RAM, battery life is slightly better with LG. Meanwhile, Moto G6 gets a point for its capability to turbo-charge. You can fill up the battery in just less than an hour.

In general, Both phones will let you get through the day without the need to recharge. But we understand if many would pick Moto G6 for its fast-charging feature. It’s undeniably an added benefit to be able to charge quickly.


Given the identical price. we’d say go for Moto G6 without a doubt. Moto G6 excels in many aspects, from the display, built quality, to the camera.

Performance is also better with Moto G6 than LG Solo. That’s our verdict for spec comparison between Moto G6 vs LG Solo LTE.

We consider that with such specifications, Moto G6 has brought itself beyond the middle-range level of a phone. Many of its qualities are comparable to flagship phones.

On the other hand, we find $119.99 as too expensive for LG solo LTE. LG Solo is a nice phone for a specific group of users, we just think that LG charges too much for a phone with average cameras, small RAM, and 16 GB internal storage.

Moto G6 Pros:

  • Brighter display
  • More RAM
  • Better camera
  • Better build quality
  • Newer Android

LG Solo Pros:

  • Customized user interface
  • More expandable storage
  • LG custom features
  • Slightly better battery life

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