How to Hard Reset TracFone LG 441G Flip Phone

Learn the proper way to perform hard reset on TracFone LG 441G flip phone to change the setting of the phone to the way it belong right when it was fresh out of the box, and enjoy the result in just minutes.

Hard Reset TracFone LG 441G – Some people may think that performing hard reset on a phone is a complicated and risky thing. Actually it is not that complicated and not that risky. As long as people take proper course before and during the process, it will yield the expected result in no time.

How to Hard Reset TracFone LG 441G Flip Phone

The proper course before taking this action is no other than back up. Back up is very essential because this way phone owner will have the data on the phone copied in another storage place. Hard reset itself will delete all those data, so no wonder they need to back it all up in the first place.

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For the owner of TracFone LG 441G flip phone, performing hard reset can be done within minutes.

  1. First, make sure that the phone is on and they are on the standby screen
  2. Press the “Left Soft Key” and among the available options, choose “Menu”
  3. Choose “Settings > Phone Settings > Reset Settings”
  4. Choose between “Master Reset” and “Master Clear”

This is what makes the hard reset process on this phone different with a modern smartphone. In here, people can choose to reset the setting or reset the file. If they want to reset the phone settings, go for Master Reset but if they want to reset the file (erase everything such as file and additional content), then choose Master Clear option.

The process may take a while, depend on how many setting to change or how many file to delete. In the end, the phone owner will enjoy a clean state phone with no additional data or setting on it. In this stage, phone owner can use the phone back, or perhaps sell it in the market without have to worry for having their personal data accessed by other people since the process itself already erase everything in there.

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