How to Hard Reset / Factory Reset Tracfone LG 442BG

Bring back your TracFone LG 442BG to its clean and original setting by performing hard reset, where you can do it on your own and get the result in just a matter of minutes so you can use the phone back.

Hard Reset Tracfone LG 442BG – If your TracFone LG 442BG start to acting out or it start to freeze from time to time without any notice before, you need to take immediate action. You can try to perform hard reset to bring the phone back to its default setting or factory setting.

How to Hard Reset Tracfone LG 442BG Phone

Hard reset definitely will solve the issue with the phone, since usually this kind of problem happen because there are too many things going on, with too many settings and probably there are corrupted data in there.

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How do you perform hard reset for this phone? It is so easy. Make sure that the phone is on and go to standby screen. After that press “Left Soft Key < Menu < Settings < Phone Settings < Reset Settings < choose between Master Reset and Master Clear“. Since the main purpose that you want to achieve is to bring the phone back to its original setting, choose Master Reset.

In no time, it will bring the whole setting just like the first time you turn it on. No more problem plague your phone after you do this and you can use it back normally.

In the other hand, if you prefer to delete additional content and other additional data that you stored in the phone, go for Master Clear. It will delete all those data that was stored in the internal and external phone memory.

As you can see, this action will bring everything back to the way it used to be. It also means that anything you put in there will be gone so you better back up all of it before you perform this action.

Back up your data such as contact list, message, file, or picture to other storage device. That way you can keep those valuable file for you to use with the same phone once the process is done, or you can transfer it to your new phone.

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